Coaching for the workplace:

Organizational success through genuine engagement 


Those who would achieve greatness and make a big impact must build great teams and know how to help their team members remain motivated and grow. In this book, high-performance coach Alexandre Chamberland will teach you to harness the power of coaching to drive your organization’s objectives. Enhance your leadership and coaching skills, and discover techniques which you can use to stimulate insight and increase both performance and retention while freeing up more of your own time.


Book Cover - Coaching for the workplace by Alexandre Chamberland





What life do you dream of?


Hi, I'm Alexandre Chamberland but you can call me Alex Cee. I'm a coach, entrepreneur, soon to be author, speaker, community leader and fervent believer in the human potential - in our ability to do more, and more importantly, to do it better, to the benefit of everyone. With the right mindset, with clarity, and armed not only with the appropriate knowledge and tools but with the support we need, we can achieve deep fulfillment, financial success, real happiness, and true greatness.

This may sound far-fetched or unachievable to some, but those are their limiting thoughts and beliefs speaking, and neither those or someone's past affects the ability of those who are truly determined to change their lives to succeed. The required mindset, knowledge, skills, and practices are learnable and with effort, resiliency and practice, those who truly hunger for this will make it.

I've made it my life's purpose to help people who are not simply interested but actually committed to growing as individuals, in all aspects of their lives, and to transform into the people who can make a real positive impact in the world while doing something they love with people they genuinely want to be around. Furthermore, I'm hard at work building a community of these extraordinary folks, a tribe, a real family which cares for and nurtures it's members while taking coordinated action to create the better tomorrow we want for ourselves and for the world.

If this sounds like something you'd want to be a part of - if, like me, this is what you've been looking for all your life - then join us and together we will transform your life and those of a great many more!












“Alexandre helped me connect with my true self, allowing me to go deep and chart my course.”

— Mary Canton, Owner of Clear Color Consulting, USA


“I was surprised by how insightful, patient and on-point [Alex] was! I was able to gain valuable pointers and food for thoughts.”

— Diane Lee , Tenant Research Associate at CoStar Group, Canada


“I find myself more confident, tolerant, generous, innovative, and more able to take risks and try things out. Working with [Alexandre] is priceless and like nothing I have experienced before.”

— Heidi McCloskey, Principal at Simple, USA