Alexandre Chamberland smiling

What am I all about?

For me, the saddest thing and the biggest problem we face right now is that so many people spent much of their time doing things that they find no real fulfillment in and feel powerless to transform their lives or to make a meaningful impact on what really matters to them. To me, that's a product of our culture and of our education which prepares us to become workers, but not to identify what's deeply meaningful to us and to pursue it while creating the resources (time, money, energy) we need to make our dreams come true. I struggled with depression for a very long time and I even went bankrupt form investing everything I had into trying to find answers, but I kept trying things and looking to better understand what can allow us to live truly extraordinary lives, creating an abundance of everything we need to be happy and to make a truly powerful positive impact.

I studied a lot of different topics including management, entrepreneurship, high performance and how to align our lives to support our happiness and help us do what really matters to us, so I tried to help entrepreneurs but I soon realized that I could actually help anyone who aspires to live a life of meaning, to have the power to make a difference, and who's determined to make it happen no matter what. I was still struggling to find enough clients to make the kind of money I would need to start reaching and helping a lot of more people but I had a breakthrough about a year ago when I joined a community of conscious entrepreneurs and realized that to really connect with people I needed to allow myself to be vulnerable - to be completely authentic so they could get to know me. Now I’m creating tons of online content –blog posts, memes and videos where I share what I’ve learned and people who resonate with my message have started coming to me for help.

While continuously reaching out to people I’ve found that there are tons of us who want to make the world a better place, who really care about everything that’s going on and about the suffering of others living beings, who want to live sustainably, to build better relationships, so stop being held back by fears and limiting beliefs, to push themselves to improve in all aspects of their lives, to grow into better and more powerful versions of themselves and to help others who also wish to live this kind of life. We know that being financially successful, happy and really fulfilled is possible - in fact many of us are already doing it - and we want to spread our message and to grow our community, the alternative we’re building for those who are tired of settling for living small and suppressing their dreams as well as for everyone who suffers from the worldwide epidemic of meaninglessness and powerlessness. We’re a true caring family, a tribe, with ties thicker than blood, united by our values, by our vision of a better world, by our quest for excellence in all things and by our willingness to go all in and do whatever it takes to make it, as well as by our passion for helping others who want to join us do the same.