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A sense of belonging - the feeling of being understood, of knowing that are people who truly get and who can actually relate to who we are, deep down. Being surrounded with and supported by real sisters and brothers who care about what we care about, who respect what we stand for and what we're trying to do achieve - people who can appreciate the efforts we put into doing our best as we try to live in accordance with our common values and who really care about us and our dreams.

The presence or truly inspiring companions in our lives and on our journeys, people who energize us and who not only help us keep faith in the vision of a better tomorrow we want to bring about but whose very company actually sparks in us the genuine desire to grow into higher versions of ourselves - the kind of companionship who enables us to live truly exceptional lives. It's what I had been looking for so long... Is it also what you seek?

What difference would you love to make in the world? How much do you understand your greater purpose? How clear are you on that vision of what the end result will be like and on the steps that will actually get you there the quickest? How do you know that you will have the energy, determination, know-how, and tools you need to make it happen and that you will truly be happy, not at a hypothetical end-point but throughout your journey?

Valor Tribe is a global community of people who help and support each other as they strive to live meaningful lives, guided by a philosophy of excellence in all that we are, while generating the resources we need to make an ever-greater positive impact in the world. We motivate, help and support each other an those who are willing to receive our help as well as to put in the effort needed to transform their lives. Through teaching and coaching, we help them acquire the required mindset, knowledge and know-how, as well as to apply them properly so that they can live truly happy and fulfilling lives, while really moving the needle in regards to what deeply matters to them and in terms of contributing to building our common vision of a better world.
Valor Tribe is a family - people who love, and thus take care of and support each other - united around a set of beliefs and practices. Chief amongst those beliefs are the ideas that:
-Sentient beings have incredible potential which only needs the proper nurturing to emerge, and it is in coming together with like-minded people to advance common goals that we create strong, even spiritual bonds, which allow us to collectively achieve a higher state of existence. Consequently, we seek and support others who have the genuine desire to join our family.
-It is futile to aim for perfection since it isn't attainable. Instead, we aim to grow in every facet of our lives and to pursue excellence in everything that we invest ourselves in, understanding how each of those facets contributes to the whole.
-We focus on creating the alternative rather than wasting our time complaining about or trying to continuously adjust fundamentally outdated ways.

-Conflicts are destructive and run contrary to our belief in focussing on the solution. As such, we promote healthy communication and endeavor to disarm tense situations through understanding and proposing better, mutually profitable alternatives.

-We aim to generate and give as much truly sustainable value as we can at any given time and to show appreciation for the care demonstrated by others and for the value they bring us.

-All life deserves real respect, which we demonstrate through our willingness to work to understand it and to endeavor not only to refrain from taking actions which would cause it any form of harm but to support it when we can do so without compromising our own well-being or what we stand for.

-We're kind but authentic, respectful of others and of ourselves.

-We're bold. We think it through, research reliable data, plan as best we can, but above all, we ultimately try - act - and learn.

-We prioritize truly sustainable, and thus not only caring but lasting solutions, just as we seek to create lasting value for those we love to serve.

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